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2 bed apartment in Hounslow

I have a 2 bed apartment in Hounslow. I have a big balcony with a really nice view of London. The apartments are secured by gates that require personal keys to open to enter the neighbourhood and the apartments. Within the apartments there is a common area outside which is also pet friendly. There are storages outside for bikes,prams and many more items. High street is within 5 minutes walking distance, all shops are available. The apartments are hidden away from all of the chaos from the Highstreet, therefore the neighbourhood is really quiet and peaceful with no noise disturbances. Schools are around, primary, secondary and colleges within the area. Train station is a 10-15 walk distance. Local park 5 minutes distance. I am looking for a house/flat 2-3 bedroom in Portsmouth as I would like to live closer to my family.

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It has 2 bedrooms and is a flat

This user is looking for a 2 bedroom flat in Portsmouth, hampshire

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